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The irrefutable Buddhist soul of Yangon, Shwedagon Pagoda with its shimmering gilded stupa is the most recognizable monument in Myanmar. Legend dates Sule Pagoda to an even earlier era. Located in the heart of downtown, Sule has served as a focal point for modern Myanmar politics.

To the west of Sule, visit the exotic street food stalls, gold stores and bountiful fruit markets of Chinatown. For a historic introduction to this fascinating country, the National Museum exhibits Burmese royal regalia and cultural relics, as well as the home of Aung San, father of Burmese independence. Opened by renowned local artist Min Wae Aung in 1989, New Treasure Art Gallery centers around his stark canvases of Myanmar’s monks and nuns while promoting young local artists. Find our other favourite, River Gallery adjacent to The Strand, showcasing the works of Myanmar’s leading contemporary artists.

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