Travel Info

Nearest Airport

Yangon International Airport (25 kilometers from the hotel: 45 minutes drive)

Visa Requirements

28-day tourist visas may be obtained at Myanmar embassies worldwide. Please contact your local Myanmar Embassy for the latest information.

Online visa application is now possible for tourists. For more information and to apply online, visit

Local Currency & Credit Cards

Kyat is the name of our local currency. US dollars remain widely accepted despite the government’s efforts to encourage use of kyat. You will find ATMs which take international cards around Yangon and throughout the country. It can be helpful to bring some small denomination US dollars for convenience sake, though they will only be accepted if they are of recent issue (since 2010) and in good condition. It is also easy to change Thai baht in Yangon. As a matter of local custom, money in Myanmar is exchanged with the right hand.

Time Zone

GMT + 6.5 hours


Explore Yangon’s colonial heritage and colourful local markets by foot or traditional trishaw, then venture further to Yangon’s pagodas and beyond to its picturesque countryside with one of our English-speaking guides and air conditioned luxury vehicles. Taxis are available throughout Yangon and just like in the local markets your negotiation skills will come in very handy.


The weather divides into two seasons: the best time to visit, from October to March as it rains less and temperatures are relatively cooler while April to May gets hotter with daily temperatures in Yangon reaching 40 degrees Celsius and higher for Bagan and Mandalay. This continues through September though the Shan State remains pleasantly cooler throughout.

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